The core rules being used are pulled from Cthulhu Tech, with a few alterations. The campaign backstory however, is completely different.

Part I
The campaign begins in the Earth of 2050. A sudden technological leap forward has been made as the technology to develop gates which theoretically allow nearly instaneous travel even from one solar system to another. Unfortunately, you need to build both gates before travel is possible. The characters will be part of the first ships whose mission is to travel to a far solar system, build a basic colony structure and build a gate to it so humans can flee the planet, which is massively overpopulated.

Unfortunately, this is the same universe that Lovecraft wrote of, more than a century in the future.

Part I

The campaign begins as they struggle to get the colony fleet to its destination, the short prelude to the game.

Part II
The fleet arrives at its destination and finds a few unexpected complications. They must build a colony and get an operational gate so that they can get support from Earth.

Part III
The gate to Earth is built, but things at home have changed greatly.

Lovecraft Updated